Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Trees Finally Showing Their Colors

Another nice day here in Hocking Hills, the leaves are starting to come out full force, it is a beautiful site to see with all the trees and bushes getting their summer coats:). the flowers are blooming and it is just gorgeous. It is a great time to come and visit us here at Martinwoods. Give us a call today to book your stay. If you mention this blog we will offer 10% off your stay through May 2013 must mention this blog post at the time of the booking to be eligible for the discount. No discounts will be given after the booking has been taken. We are posting this to see how many people read our blog and you will be rewarded with the discount through May when you mention it.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Unwind in Hocking Hills

Do you want a place where you can unwind. and disconnect from your wired world? Imagine such a place, where you can lounge on the deck, sit around a campfire or relax in the hot tub. We have just that place in the Hocking Hills at Martinwoods Cabin Rental. The Hocking Hills region changes with each season. In the spring the wildflowers carpet the forest and the waterfalls flow freely over the cliffs. With so many acres pf breathtaking forest in the Hocking Hills it is the perfect place to come and unwind from everyday life. Visit us at to learn more We offer an 8 bedroom cabin so you can get your family together and just relax and enjoy each other

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Large Woodpeckers at Martinwoods Cabins in Hocking Hills

Today was beautiful, very spring/summer like. Not sure what the weekend will bring but today was perfect. Had the windows open to allow all the fresh spring air to enter the cabin, after being closed up all winter it was great to be able to smell the fresh air and listen to all the sounds of nature that abound here in Hocking Hills. We have the largest woodpeckers, I would swear these things are on Miracle-Gro. They are huge, at least 12" long, I think the woodpeckers get bigger each year. I was able to sit and enjoy all the sounds of the birds, wind through the trees and all the noises on the ground like the chipmunks and squirrels as they ran through the woods. I love Summer and we are getting closer. Come visit us if you are looking to unwind from hectic everyday life. We offer an 8 bedroom cabin in the heart of Hocking Hills.