Monday, October 22, 2012

Beautiful Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills is a place of beauty with all the wonderful natural waterfalls, hiking trails and all the other wonderful things that we have to offer. Martinwoods Cabins is situated right in the middle of the beauty of it all, we are surrounded by the beauty of the woods and all the trees that are changing colors. We offer a luxury 5-8 bedroom cabin for you to enjoy with family and friends We are a short drive to the major attractions such as Old Mans Cave, Conkles Hollow, Rock House, Ash Caves, Cedar Falls and others. The Hocking Hills region is beautiful anytime of year but when it snows it is breathtaking. If coming to our cabin in the winter you will HAVE to have a 4 wheel drive to make it to the cabin, and it is recommended year round as well but a MUST in the winter. Even though you need a 4 wheel drive the cabin is well worth the drive to get there. Come visit and see why we have so many repeat guests. Visit our website to see photos and a video that shows the layout of the cabin

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer is here officially here and it is a great time to visit the Hocking Hills, come on down to the Hocking Hills and see what is new. We have a large 8 bedroom cabin to accomodate your large group for family reunions and other events.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hocking Hills Caves and Cabin

When visiting Martinwoods Cabins in Hocking Hills You may want to check out all the area has to offer such as

Rock House

Old Man's Cave, off state Route 664 about 11 miles south of U.S. 33, is the most-visited Cave in the Hocking Hills, there are places to have a picnic, many families gather there for family reunions in the summer. I believe it is first come first serve but you may want to check with the park to be sure.

Ash Cave off state Route 56 at the southern end of the park is Ohio's largest recessed cave.

Cedar Falls is one of the most photographed areas of the Hocking Hills and is located off state Route 374 is halfway between Old Man's Cave and Ash Cave.

Cantwell Cliffs is the most isolated section of Hocking Hills

So if you are looking for a great way to spend some alone time with the family and reconnect, Martinwoods Cabins is a great place to do it and we are 5-10 miles from all the are attractions such as the caves, horse back riding, canoeing, fishing swimming and more.

Join us for a great time and relax here and enjoy the sounds of nature rather than the sounds of traffic, phones etc.

See you soon.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring is almost here in the Hocking Hills

Spring is almost here and we have a great Hocking Hills cabin for you to enjoy your spring or summer vacation. Check us out on facebook and on our webpage You can click our facebook link from there

This is a friendly deer that followed us around at Canaan Valley Ski Resort.
Very friendly:)

The deer are friendly here at our cabin but not quite that friendly

Easter is on it's way

Cute bunnies and puppies for Easter. We will put a name and/or date on bunny or puppy. We also have ducks and turtles. So cute

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Today we lots of slushy snow, great for snowballs, not so much for getting up a steep hill:) We have not had a bad winter yet so I really cannot complain but this past weekend was cold, never made it out of the teens and they said wind chill of 5 below. However last week was not bad and Feb 1 was in the upper 60's not too bad for the first of Feb. Who knows what the rest of the winter will bring, hopefully an early spring. I love watching the flowers bloom and the trees bud.

Hope everyone had a great Valentines.

We are here when you need a large cabin for your next vacation in the Hocking Hills

Friday, February 3, 2012

Weather update

Really nice on Wed Feb 1st, I think it was upper 60's, the rest of the week has been a cold start and then low 50's, same goes for today if they are correct.

It has been a great winter so far except for the one weekend we got ice and could not do anything with the driveway so we could not rent it. other than that it has been a pretty good winter and I hope spring arrives quickly. I can talk to someone for hours but writing is a little harder for me but I am trying to keep track of the weather so guest from all over can see what the weather is like here, although this is not our typical winter, but weather in Ohio can change by the hour so you can not go on this update for the following year:) it could be nice here today and then next year at this time have a foot of snow. I am just trying to keep a record so I can see for myself as well as my customers what the weather patterns are.

Hope everyone had a great New Years and is looking forward to a great spring and summer.

If there are any questions you have please do not hesitate to call us or email us. our official website is

Monday, January 30, 2012

Personalized gifts to make your cabin stay special

We realize everyone that comes to the Hocking Hills is here because they love the area and it is a special event or family gathering, maybe a romantic getaway. No matter what brings you to the Hocking Hills area we can personalize that special gift to help you remember for years to come.

We can print t-shirts, dominoes, coasters, serving trays, wine boxes, engrave wine glasses and many other items to make your stay special.

We also have personalized gift baskets for weddings, anniversaries, group meetings, church events etc.

You can also view many of the personalized gifts we offer at

weather again

Trying to keep up on the weather updates but forget sometimes:)

yesterday it was freezing and oh so windy. I do not think it made it past freezing. Today 01/30/12 it was 27 when I left the house at 9:00 and it does not appear to be getting much warmer. I do not think it is going to get out of the 30's today either. Supposed to have a warmer day this week but I am not holding my breath. We shall see:)

Friday, January 27, 2012

weather update again for hocking hills

Weather was 53 and pouring rain yesterday, rain and 40's today. No snow which is good but when we get rain and it freezes that is worse than snow.

Just wanted to update on weather since I am trying to keep a record for guests so they will know how it changes from day to day and year to year

Visit us at and also

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

cold again

Today was another cold day, about 34*, pouring the rain though so I am hoping it does not go below 32* or there will be ice and we will not be able to get out of our drive again. Hoping that does not happen, have lots of printing to do and orders to get shipped.

Visit our website for personalized gifts, we ship everywhere, out of the USA might have a shipping fee depending on what is purchased

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Colder today

Today was only about 32* much colder than yesterday but it is Ohio of course.

Hocking Hills is great anytime of year but of course there is so much more to do in the spring and summer with the canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding, ziplines and more

If you want to remember your stay with personalized items check out our personalized items website.

Monday, January 23, 2012

sunny and warmer

As I mentioned yesterday I am going to try to keep track of the weather each day so everyone can see what the weather is like in the Hocking Hills at martinwoods Cabins.

Today we hand wind, sun and about 50+ very nice for the start of the day then rained and got much colder, so we will see what tomorrow brings:)

Sunday, January 22, 2012


People always ask what the weather is going to be like, though there is no way to determine that from year to year, (we are lucky if we know from day to day) we have decided to try and put the temp on here each day as a way of keeping track of what the weather is so people can see for themselves how it changes from day to day here at Martinwoods Cabins in Hocking Hills

Today is was very foggy, we were supposed to have a high of 40 something but as of 5pm it never made it over 34* and of course we still had plenty of ice here at the cabin.

Hope this will be of some use to everyone that reads our blog.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lots of ice today

We decided not to rent the cabin this weekend due to the ice and snow. Since the Westwind cabin is on a large hill and has a steep gravel drive we felt it best to not rent to anyone because we know that they would not be able to make it up or down the hill for that matter since there was so much ice.

We would rather lose the money than have someone get here and not be able to get in and out of the cabin to go enjoy the sites of the Hocking Hills.

We are ready for spring but tomorrow is supposed to be in the 40's so hoping it melts the ice.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snowy Day

The snow is beautiful in Hocking Hills and at Martinwoods Cabins but I am still hoping for an early spring, I just have a better outlook all together when it is warm outside and the birds are chirping. One of the greatest things about summer, at least for me is to lay down at night and listen to the crickets, they put me to sleep in a way nothing else can. I love the sounds of nature and cannot wait to hear them all again very soon.

If you are looking for a great escape then come on over to Martinwoods Cabins.

You will enjoy the cabin and we can add on things for you to make the stay even more enjoyable. Just ask us about our personalized gifts such as wine glasses, t-shirts, travel mugs, coasters, coffee mugs, dominoes and so much more.

You can visit our facebook page and see all the many different things we offer on top of the cabin stay.

Have a great January and hope for an early spring so we can all hear the great sounds of nature coming back to life.

Large Guitar Pick Personalized - $29.00 : Personalized Gifts|personalized dominoes, guitar picks, t-shirts, mugs, wine boxes, Personalized Dominoes, Guitar Picks, T-shirts, Mugs, ...

Large Guitar Pick Personalized - $29.00 : Personalized Gifts|personalized dominoes, guitar picks, t-shirts, mugs, wine boxes, Personalized Dominoes, Guitar Picks, T-shirts, Mugs, ...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another rainy cold day in Ohio BUT the good news is we are one day closer to spring and with spring we get the beautiful flowers, trees budding and all the animals coming out from hibernating through the winter. I love spring and summer and cannot wait for the warmer temps but there is still a lot to do during the colder months. There is the winter hike this month at Old Mans Cave and just sitting around a fire in the great room is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family, free from stress and work.

Come visit us this winter for a great way to reconnect with your family and friend in the beauty of the Hocking Hills and Martinwoods Cabins.

We can accommodate up to 20 people in the 8 bedroom 4 bath lodge in the Hocking Hills.

If wanting to add some items to your stay we can help with that as well, whether it be engraved wine glasses, sandstone coasters, wedding favors, t-shirts etc we can help. We can personalize just about anything to add to your stay, weddings are a great part of the Hocking Hills and we can help with engraved wine glasses for the bride and groom or the whole wedding party, we also have engraved cake cutters and knives, engraved guest books etc.

You can view some of the items we do at
items can be purchased and shipped anywhere in the USA at we do ship to other countries such as UK, Australia, etc but cannot provide tracking info with free shipping. (depending on items purchased there may be an additional fee for shipping out of the USA)

We also print dominoes, guitar picks, golf balls and more with no minimums.

Hope to see you all soon and enjoy this great New Year

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Above normal temps

I love the Hocking Hills and I love the face that we are having some above normal temps, wish it would continue.

It is a new year and everything is going great. I hope that this year I can have great guests like most of the guests we have. This year we have had a few really bad customers and I hope that does not happen this year. All we ask is that when you come to our cabin that we built for you to enjoy that you treat it properly. We have had a few customers this year that thought it was ok to destroy things and even one group that thought it was ok to break into and unauthorized area.Mind you this group was not a group of young adults but a group that had parents as well as grand parents.

We take pride in our cabin and just want our guests to do the same.

So hoping this year we will have no issues:)

I love all of our guests and repeat guests and just want everyone to enjoy themselves and have a great time while respecting our proerty.

Hope eveyone has a great new year:)