Monday, November 11, 2013

No High Speed internet available at this time

As we had mentioned in an earlier post we were to be getting high speed internet, unfortunately they have told us we are unable to get it in our service area after telling us for months we could. We ordered it and the next day received a call from Frontier telling us they had cancelled our order because it is not available. To say the least we were upset because they had promised for months, even checking address and phone number to verify after I questioned the availability. We have tried and tried to no avail to get them to get it to us.

We are in a remote area and can get direct tv (Dish network and hughes net are not a possibility as we have been told their satellites sit too low in the sky).

We do have a phone line at the cabin so dialup is a possibility if you have people pc, aol, netzero etc. Some give free trials so if coming to the cabin that might be an option for you if needing internet.

Of course the whole reason for coming to the Hocking Hills is to disconnect from technology so it can be a good thing:)

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