Friday, May 8, 2009

Well the rain didn't come to Hocking Hills after all

Well after a rainy start it didn't do anything today. The sun came out and it was acually pretty nice 70*and partly sunny. The fox was out again, there are actually 5 and they are red fox (so cute) they let me get pretty close (within about 10 ft) and they just sit there while I talk to them. I love the outdoors, I wish it was summer year round so I could enjoy nature in the hocking hills all year long.

Well I have everyone checked in for today so I am going to go home. We are still offering some great specials for the month of May so you want to be sure to take advantage of the savings.

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Hocking Hills cabin rentals

Another rainy day in Hocking Hills but still beautiful. The cabins are clean and the fresh air is just right, although a little warmer so I could let in all the fresh air would be better.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hocking Hills is great this time of year, if you have not been down for a while you should come stay with us at and enjoy all that the hocking hills has to offer
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